The magic of a luxuriously pure sheepskin rug makes one want to rub their fingers through its soft  woolly fibres. The tactile experience is heavenly. Imagine the relaxing sensation of lying or sitting  on one. Bring some luxury into your life!

Therapeutic Benefits of Irish Sheepskin Rugs 

  • The natural hollow fibres of sheepskin rug act as a thermostat controlling body temperatures,  which is great for pain relief.
  • These beautiful soft plush extremely durable rugs provide warmth without over heating.
  • Sheepskins are naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, as the lanolin in the wool has a self cleaning quality which prevents bacterial growth.
  • The spiral shape of the sheepskin fibre helps to reduces airborne allergens and dust by collecting  and trapping them providing clean air in your home.
  • Sheepskin rugs are flame and static resistant. Sheepskin can carry over 30% of their own weight  in moisture before they begin to feel wet. Therefore, it is less likely to catch fire and, if it should, it  takes longer to burn. It is also static resistant.
  • The sheepskins are chemical and dye free, except for a small amount used on the skin during  tanning the underside. The utilisation of our environmental friendly tanning methods provide our  sheepskin rugs the highest standard & quality thus providing your family and home the safest and  healthiest choice.

In addition, these quality luxurious natural sheepskin rugs provide you with a stylish look, and a  natural feel and comfort you deserve in your home.

  • Shake it out regularly and and brush it using a stiff wire brush once a day.
  • Hand wash:
  1. In warm water (30 degrees)
  2. Using detergent, not soap.
  • Spin dry or drain it well and hang outdoors.


  • Get it dry cleaned at a reputable dry cleaner.
We love our new rug and, as you can see from the picture, our cats do too.  It’s been perfect for the chilly weather this winter.

Michelle Lloyd, Dublin

My Mom loves the rug and had Great Grand Baby on it and she loved it much.  Here is a picture of the baby on rug.

Gene Flynn, Philadelphia, USA

Natural white and rarebreed rugs on display at Killruddery House and Gardens in Bray for their Santa and Nativity scenes.

Killruddery House & Gardens, Bray

We love our rug and as you can see from the picture, our cats do too.  It’s been perfect for the chilly weather this winter.

Thank You!