Benefits of an Irish Sheepskin for Better Health

Sheepskins are an excellent nursing aide in the prevention of pressure areas & bed sores in the following:

  • Elderly people who are confined to sitting in a chair or wheelchair for long periods
  • Patients who are confined to bed or sitting for long periods
  • People who work at a desk or in a car, while at home or travelling
  • People of all ages who due, to illness are very thin with fragile skin or immobile
  • Cancer patients
  • Alzheimer’s patients
  • Orthopaedic Patients
  • People with Parkinson’s
  • People with Multiple Sclerosis
  • People who suffer with Anorexia

Sheepskin Rugs are also beneficial to healthy individuals, who are very thin or overweight, and sitting for long periods of time.

Additional Information

Our medical sheepskin products are fully machine washable and sanitised for added protection against bacteria.

  • Shake it out regularly and and brush it using a stiff wire brush once a day.
  • Hand wash:
  1. In warm water (30 degrees)
  2. Using detergent, not soap.
  • Spin dry or drain it well and hang outdoors.


  • Get it dry cleaned at a reputable dry cleaner.

AUTISM:  A most frightening word for a grandmother to hear. But, it is a better word than not knowing what is going on. Why nothing you do works. How can I help make life better for my daughter and my granddaughter. Many things have helped.  She is now eight years old. Prayer, art therapy and a mom that keeps strict and clearly defined borders.
The one outward gift that has helped the most is a “lambs wool” sheepskin from Connacht Hide and Wool.
I had searched many companies for a “lambs wool” none can compare to Connacht. People’s recommendations and research led me there.
My granddaughter sleeps on her “lambs wool” every night. She loves the feel and the safety of it. AND she sleeps better.

Thank you Connacht Hide and Wool.

Karen Rasmussen , Mexico

The medical sheepskin rug arrived safely here today.  It is really lovely and I am delighted with it.

Peter Bruck
I purchased a Medical Rug from Connacht Hide & Wool on the advice of my daughter Helen, who’s a nurse. My day entails sitting 24/7 in a wheelchair due to ill health. To be honest, when she suggested that I purchase the rug, I had no faith in it. I really did this to please my daughter and all she does for me. Looking back it’s been a God send, a life saver in so many ways. Sitting in that wheelchair is warmer now during the winter and I swear cooler in the summertime. I find it cosy and my skin no longer gets reddened from being in the chair for so long.

It’s like my teddy – it goes to bed with me or into the car if I get a day out. I couldn’t praise it enough and I am so thankful to Helen and your company for such a wonderful product. It’s given me a better quality of life that was so needed. Thank you.

Stanley Trotter

My golden fleece (shorn medical skin) was a wonderful surprise! It was given to me by my youngest daughter following a total knee replacement operation. I use it on my bed at night – it is so comfortable and helps me relax and sleep. Then, in the morning it is brought down to the settee and I snuggle into it when watching TV. It certainly is helping with my recovery. My sister loved it from the start so, for her birthday, we arranged to present her with her own golden fleece!


Thank you Connacht Hide and Wool for being there with the perfect present for my 91 year old mother. My mum has a lot of pain and after living a really active life is now suffering with degeneration of the spine and mainly confined to bed. I wanted to get something comfortable for her to lie on and found this great site offering pure, natural, safe and luxurious sheepskin products including a medical underlay. I took a chance phoning Christmas Eve. I still can’t believe that this owner put himself and his plans out so much to accommodate me. He met me with the rug in the afternoon. I was so grateful. Putting my mother back into bed and lie directly on the equivalent of a cloud was such a huge relief for me and for her. She won’t be over heating or uncomfortable and looked so cozy. No chemicals to irritate her skin and it can be washed when necessary. Next one will be for me and my couch 😊. Thanks again Eamonn.

Barbara McGlynn

Thanks for this, both items (healthcare underlay and seat pad) arrived safely and are in use. Thanks in particular for the seat pad which my mother has appreciated as she was finding it uncomfortable when outside of the bed to sit down for any period of time and she has now been able to get some comfort while up and abou

Maura Connolly , Dublin
I gave a pair of the Healthcare Slippers with Zip to my wife for Christmas and she is absolutely delighted with them. When we opened the box it was easy to see the quality of this item, beautifully made and the sheepskin is so soft. The rubber soul is great for grip, important to us as we have have laminate floors and polished hardwood stairs so slipping was always a worry, but not with these slippers. My wife says she looks forward to getting home every night and putting them on.
Eamonn was extremely helpful during our phone conversations and the customer care I received was second to none.
To conclude then, a high quality product, and pleasant, helpful sales service, would highly recommend.
Richard Curwood

Thank you for your excellent service.

The sheepskin is really good.

I suffer from very bad arthritis and wanted something to put

on the bed to make it more comfortable to sleep.

The sheepskin being so soft helps enormously.

Thanks again.

Alfred Russell