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Medical Irish Sheepskin Underlay – Double Size 6 ft 4″ x 4 ft 4″


Made from real medical grade Irish sheep skins, our premium sheepskin underlay provides superior comfort for all ages all year round.

Size: double size 6 ft 4″ x 4 ft 4″


Benefits of an Irish Sheepskin for Better Health

Sheepskins are an excellent nursing aide in the prevention of pressure areas and bed sores in the following:

  • Elderly people who are confined to sitting in a chair or wheelchair for long periods
  • Patients who are confined to bed or sitting for long periods
  • People who work at a desk or in a car, while at home or travelling
  • People of all ages who, due to illness are very thin with fragile skin or immobile
  • Cancer patients
  • Alzheimer’s patients
  • Orthopaedic Patients
  • People with Parkinson’s
  • People with Multiple Sclerosis
  • People who suffer with Anorexia

Sheepskin Rugs are also beneficial to healthy individuals, who are very thin or overweight, and sitting for long periods of time.

Our medical sheepskin products are fully machine washable and sanitised for added protection against bacteria.

Care Instructions

  • Shake it out and brush it regularly. Brush wool using a stuff wire brush once a day .
  • Hand wash:
    – In warm water (30 degrees)
    – Using detergent not soap.
    – Spin dry or drain it well and hang out doors.
  • Get it dry cleaned at a reputable dry cleaners.