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Calfskin Rugs


A Calfskin Rug provides a distinctive luxurious modern way of living in any home. It is a fine example of natures beauty that fits nicely as a centrepiece in any decor. Research states that
owners love their calfskin rugs due to their natural beauty, versatility, their hypoallergenic characteristics, easy maintenance and durability.

Calfskin rugs are custom made and can take up to 3 weeks to manufacture.

Size: length = 75cm, width = 55cm

Please note: This is a natural product and variations may occur.



Benefits of Calfskin


  • Calfskin Rugs are not only suitable for on floors but can be hung on a wall or framed, an excellent centrepiece in any room and topic of conversation! Leather furniture can be accented perfectly by utilising the Calfskin as a throw, giving a rustic look.
  • Calfskins come in a variety of colours. If you are looking to make a statement, a Calfskin would make an excellent choice!
  • Calfskins maintain their natural, soft and pliable feel to suit your home or office.


Our quality Calfskin Rugs are hypoallergenic and fragrance free. No need to be constantly vacuuming or cleaning the air in order to breath freely and peacefully.

Natural Beauty

With Calfskins, each breed tends to have their own set of colours that distinguish them from others. Calfskins are each as unique as the person who owns them and they are one of a kind!


Calfskins are extremely durable – owners can enjoy them over a life time with just simple care.

Care of the Calfskin Rug

  • Shake your Calfskin rug once a week. It a good idea to take your cowhide outside and give it a vigorous shake on a regular basis and fresh air.
  • Vacuum carefully.
  • Clean with mild soap water and damp sponge.
  • Steam clean with little water.
  • Do Not dry clean or wash in a washing machine.

Additional information

Calf Hide Patterns

Brown and White, Black and White, Grey Mix, Black and Brown


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