At Connacht Hide & Wool, we stock a range of sheepskin accessories. Sheepskin, as you know, has countless health benefits being a natural material. It has the ability to regulate heat and moisture. It is the perfect material to make beautiful luxurious Sheepskin Jackets & Slippers. We also have beautiful sheepskin handbags for ladies.

  •  Gently hand wash your sheepskin boots, do not use washing machine.
  •  Use a sponge with clean cold water to gently moisten the sheepskin footwear.
  •  Never apply any cleaner or moisturizer directly onto your boots. Do so by using the sponge and only apply a small amount.
  •  Avoid vigorous scrub or use of undiluted concentrate, which can damage the boots as sheepskin surface is very delicate.
  •  After each cleansing make sure you rinse them off with clean cold water.
  •  After you have cleaned your boots, stuff them with newspaper to maintain their shape and then allow to dry naturally and not in direct sunlight or heat. Dry them slowly.
  •  Once your sheepskin boots are dry, lightly brush them with a soft suede brush going in one direction.

Ensure a proper care of your sheepskin slippers, and you will be sure to reap the benefits for a long time!

I just received my cosy steps boots. They are just gorgeous. I’ve always bought the other well known brand but, for a fraction of the price, I have handmade, comfortable, stylish boots that will keep my feet warm in the coming winter.

Deirdre Brennan Curran

Lovely Stuff, great crew! :)The best sheep’s products (and them boots are just amazing!!!)

Natalia Mikulec

Thank you so much for the wonderful slippers, they are so warm and comfortable and exactly what I was hoping for. Now that I have tried and tested them, I will certainly be purchasing again for friends and family – they are the IDEAL Christmas present

Jennifer, Dublin