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About our Company

Our company was founded in October 1986. Originally, we purchased cattle hides and sheepskins from local abattoirs and sold them to other people in our trade in Ireland from tanners that were in existence in our country at the time.

After a number of years, we started to export to Northern Ireland and the UK. At the time, that was a big move for the company and as it started to grow we then knew we had the potential to go further.

We started to find markets further afield and, although we still kept our feet firmly based back home, we started to sell to fellmongers in Spain and France. The Spanish and French are real experts when it comes to a finished leather product such as women’s shoe uppers and handbags.

In the meantime, we were also distributing cattle hides into the Italian tanners. They use it for leather upholstery, cars, and shoes for men and women – a lot of high end material, which all depends on the grade of the hide.

We also handle calf skins, which mainly go to Italy for the very high end women’s bags. In the mid ’90s, a boom started in Turkey and they were looking for new season lambskin for the double face tanneries (these tanners specialised in making sheepskin jackets for the Russian market and worldwide, but mainly USSR), which we started to supply.

However, Turkey has lessened and lessened over the years, along with Poland, due to different circumstances. Now the leather region has moved to the Far East and China. We have worked together closely with only three companies there over the last 10 years.

Over the years we have also exported to India, Pakistan and South Africa. We have purchased products from as far away as Argentina, Brazil, Iceland, America and Australia. In doing so, we have gained a great worldwide knowledge of the sheepskin industry.

As mentioned previously, another country that got into the double face market was Poland. We started to export there and gained a few friends along the way who we still have bonds with to this day. Which brings us to the present day and how we have grown into the finished sheepskin product end of the business.

We have also taken a bold step and set up in the UK in March 2014 to be able to work with some of the Irish and UK meat companies over there. If you’d like to get in touch with the UK company:

Northern Hide & Wool Co Ltd,
Unit D, Kingmoor Park,
Harker Estate,
Carlisle CA6 4RF.
Email : infouk@connachthideandwool.ie


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